February 2, 2011

When we finally landed KARIMUN JAWA


Friday, 17 July 2009
Our real journey was actually started when our bus slowed down and pulled aside off the highway near Pondok Gede. I was hoping its just something not really important until we found out that our bus was running out of fuel. Well, its just stupid knowing that how come this stupid driver didn't realize that they were running out of fuel. Anyway, finally we had our bus full with fuel, thank GOD, and we continued to go. A bit confused when the driver took different way. He went through Sadang instead of Cikampek, and he told us that there is an accident in Cikampek and the traffic there is stuck. Passing our first stop for dinner, again, the bus stopped to fix the fan belt. No wonder we felt warm in an air-con-bus.   

Saturday, 18 July 2009
Woke up at 6am, I wonder where were we that time. A bit shocked when we just passed by Cirebon. Unfortunately, when i was sleeping, our bus stuck, again, in a traffic jam for TWO HOURS because of an accident. Knowing that we won't reach our ferry in Jepara right on time (0900), I decided to call my contact person in Karimun and informed him about our situation and I asked him to find us a boat from Jepara to Karimun. We got the boat with the help also from my friends where were standing by there already at Jepara!!!

We reached Jepara pier by 1200 only to find out that our boat was hijacked by another groups which also couldn't go because being left away by the ferry. I heard that more than five groups (all from jakarta) were late but we were the worst :D because the ferry left 30 minutes earlier that morning. We felt a bit hopeless about this trip when we finally offered by another group to join their boat. Thank GOD!!! Well.. It's a bit pricey. We have to pay like Rp.200K per person but looked like my other friends didn't mind with this as long as we still can go to Karimun. Then another journey started again. We were going though Java sea. 

It was a wooden boat with 41 persons on it and another 3 persons from the boat. The boat has low deck which the place for engine. I decided to seat on the top. I prepared myself to have Antimo to avoid sea sickness. We started at 1445. The sea remained calm, the sun was very shinny. It was OKAY. The first hour was a bit boring. We saw nothing but the blue sea. The next hour, the sea was wavy. The wind was all over and everybody started to feel dizzy. Some of my friends were vomitting again and again.  I prayed again and again to GOD all the way we go there to save us from anything bad. I was also wondering how did the master of the boat knew which direction he had to go. It was totally dark all over, no lights but a stars light above. I asked to my friend about it and she said" well, I think he is reading the stars above:D" and I said "what if it's cloudy and there is no stars". She suddenly answered" then he uses his feeling". Hm scarry.. that conversation ended suddenly :D.

Most memorable along the way with this boat was I couldn't remember myself how many times I took a deep breath to see the beautiful sun set in the sea horizon also with my sleeping moment under a lovely big gigantic sky full with stars. All were breathtaking :D. Too bad, we couldn't enjoyed much because everytime we looked above we felt dizzy. 

It's a bit too late actually after a few hours I had my Antimo but I started to feel sleepy. The upper deck was crowded with poeple sleeping and I decided to moved down to the lower deck. That time was at 1930. We had already around 4 hours floating on the Java sea. I was so tired then I slept. I wasn't realize that i had already slept for some times until my friend woke me up and telling me that we were nearby the island. I woke up and saw lights from the island and fireworks too ;). We were almost there. Our boat anchored next to the giant ferry at 2230. Yess, we were sailing the sea for almost 8 hours. We landed safe and sound yet exhausted and hungry :D. We were picked up from pier to our homestay, greeted with a nice belated dinner. After showering and everything, we slept.

Sunday, 19 July 2009
Sisca and I started my day at 0500 walking down the Karimun Jawa village A very nice, clean and neat village. We went to traditional market and bought something traditional for our breakfast. It was ketan gula :D and Sisca bought bubur cenil ;).

We, 20 peeps, started our island hopping trip at 0800. The sun was fully shinning. A very nice day. Our first stop was Pulau Menjangan Besar where we can see and swim with sharks and turtles. I was actually excited to swim near the sharks but decided not to do it because the pool had already full with people swimming. I was just sitting and taking some pictures of sharks and baracuda. Then, we continued to Cemara Kecil Island to do snorkling. Some of my friends told me about snorkling in Karimun Jawa is quite awesome but what I did last time was a bit dissapointing. The water was not very clear. The fish was not as much as I thought and almost of the choral were broke. Still not satisfied with my 1st around snorkling, I tried to round again but still didn't find any nice choral. Later I found out that the best place for snorkling is at the east side of pulau Cemara Kecil. But too bad that we were not allowed to go there because of the high wave :(. But still the moments there were memorable since we were like doing some silly things with other friends ;).

After Cemara Kecil, the boat brought us to Cemara Besar island. This island is a breathtaking one. It has a long beach line with a nice soft white sandy beach. It's a real paradise. After having lunch on the boat, we jumped down to the beach. We were there for quite sometimes doing the activities of narcism, sun-bathing, trekking the island, watching fisherman having their lunch by grilling their fish. My friend asked to do another snorkling but I was too tired to do that and decided just to lay-low. Then we headed to Tanjung Gelam beach. Another moments of spending my quality time on the beach by swimming and just took a deep breath. Enjoying how lucky I was could be at this place after some crazy things i've been through. That adventure was worthed with the view I saw in Karimun Jawa.

We back to the mainland 20 minutes before the sunset. As soon as the boat anchored, i saw some photographers were ready with their camera awaiting moments the sun gone for that day. I was waiting for the sunset too, and it was sooooooo beautiful. It was not just like the previous sunset we saw on the sea but still its amazing. We went home as the night falling down. After showering and everything we had our dinner, now time for dinner. Another template food... all fish ;).  

20 July 2009
Trauma being left away by the ferry, we started the day at 0500 in the morning. By 0645 we reached pier. Well, it looked like not only us had the same thought because the ferry was almost full though the ferry will leave only at 0800.. phewwww. We plotted some spaces at the upper deck direct to the shinny sun. Another sun-bathing time ;). Ferry left Karimun Jawa Pier right on time 0800 heading Jepara. Another 6 hours floating on the sea. We saw some dolphins swimming next to our ferry but not much of them. The ferry anchored by 1415 at Jepara Pier.

We were going straight to terminal Jepara. The five of us splitted up since they would be going using flight back to Jakarta. The rest 14 of us were using Bus. While waiting our 1800 bus, we decided to go around Jepara City. We visited Buddhist Temple where our friends Suryani and Dollie prayed, Museum RA Kartini, alun-alun kota Jepara and just some city sight seeing. The bus arrived on time 1800 at the terminal. And once we entered the bus the very first thing we asked to driver was do you have your tank full with fuel (solar), are you sure your fan belt in perfect condition :D. Well, we guess yess because the bus was a totally brand new hehehehe.

The fellowship of Karimun Jawa Refugees: Antik, Yuli, Dolli, Kresna, Rahmat, Nintut, Ninik, Suryani, Felice, Lia, Grace, Felice, Marcel, Chika, Menik, Olive, Yudi, Donnie, Reza, Danang, Miky

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