June 22, 2011

I hate as much as I LOVE Jakarta!!

I remember this words was first I heard from my couchsurfing friend who is now staying in Ubud, Bali. We were talking about her will to move another city or country out of Jakarta. But she couldn't and even wouldn't think about not coming back to Jakarta because she hates as much as she loves Jakarta. That phrase is sooo meeeee for sure when talking about Jakarta love and hate collide.

I hate Jakarta

Traffic, traffic and traffic
the arrogant government passing by, flooding, demonstration, because of NOTHING... yeah just NOTHING

It's pollution ... 
I remember reading one article about Jakarta has a good quality air?? It's not that i am pessimistic about that .. but come on people!! Which part of Jakarta are you living now?
The air quality getting improved? Really? Do you think so?

It's transportation
I envy Bangkok for its excellent mode of transportation.They do have traffic like us, but at least they have a good transportation. I dream Jakarta to have subway and sky train someday.
How can I ask the bus drivers or angkot not to do "ngetem"? My 1 hour 30 minutes duration going to office is actually 30 minutes only for "ngetem" time

When it rains ....
You know what will happen next

The brown stinks river 
My route going to office always passing the Ciliwung River nearby Jatinegara. It stinks and garbage all over.

Littering habit
I was once angry to a group of teenagers on a boat heading to Tidung Island, Thousand Islands.They threw away the garbage just right into the sea and I shouted at them spontaneously no to do that anymore. I just hate to see people littering everywhere.

I want a proper sidewalk for pedestrian 
How rude those food stalls taking the sidewalk or sometimes the motorbikes with their loud honks when they passing us arrogantly on the sidewalks.

 I love Jakarta

Jakarta is my hometown
I was born, grew up, studied, and working here. My friends are here. What else do you expect?

The Open-24-hour-sign
the dynamic Jakartans, the stores, the restaurants, the transportation

The entertainment
night life: from techno, R&B, Latin, progressive up to dangdut
the movie theater
the malls: branded or fake? you named it .. you can find it here

The food
I can find from the cheapest up to the extremely expensive one; normal food like tahu or tempe or the bizarre one like snake, gecko.. etc; traditional or international, Japanese, Korean, Lebanese etc.

Between Love and Hate relationship of Jakarta, I just wish that this city would be much more better.

I hate as much as I love you ............................  

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